A Truly Unique Vaping Experience

Suicide Bunny offers premium and unique e-liquids so you can truly enjoy your vaping experience. Vaping is becoming more popular everyday. Many people have the desire to give up the harmful effects of traditional tobacco cigarettes. Vaping gives you the pleasure of smoking, while giving you your nicotine fix, without all the added tar and chemicals you don’t need or want.

suicide-bunny-madrina-540x720This company is all about giving you the ultimate vaping experience. With awesome products such as Suicide Bunny Derailed, Madrina and The O.B., why would anyone settle for less. With luxurious flavors and your choice of nicotine levels, what more could you really want.

Their Derailed flavored e-liquid is something to truly die for. Yummy with the flavor of cookies, along with the after taste of cinnamon. This a choice product, hands down favorite. Think of cuddling up in a warm fuzzy blanket. A homey relaxng flavor indeed.

O Madrina!! I mean really who can resist their Madrina flavor e-liquid. Its O so fresh! Filled with a creamy dreamy quality and packed with fresh fruitiness and melon. Come on, how could you not enjoy it.

Their O.B. flavor is a truly unique experience. Layers upon layers of flavors. Nobody taste the same the thing twice. You can always find something new hiding in this truly mysterious product.

Mother’s Milk flavor, well what can i say. Its summer in a e-liquid. It just happens to be the most popular flavor, and for a good reason. Sweet creamy milkiness, then just at the end, when you least expect it, a super fresh spark of strawberry! Yes, I said it was like tasting summer!

Then the Sucker Punch. Sucker Punch flavored e-liquid is nothing less than a vacation when vaping. The taste compels you to see yourself on a balmy tropical island, sipping a cool dragon friut cocktail. This flavor is made for some serious relaxing.

Suicide Bunny E Juice products are definitely on top of their game. When you see their sexy little labels you should immediately think of a luxurious high quality vaping product. Made with American ingredients and always held to the highest standards of quality testing and assurance. They’re a lot of e-liquids out there, but not everybody can hang in the same class or give you the same experience of these products. When you want the most out of your vaping experience, the most unique and luxurious flavors and the highest of quality you should be thinking of Suicide Bunny.